Being a brand ambassador for #Ghana

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January 15, 2017

Being a brand ambassador for #Ghana

Let me tell you a story about why Ghanaians mustn’t fail #Ghana:

On Wednesday I wore a suit to work. This was the first time I had done so in a very very long time.

My colleagues are used to seeing me in#WearGhana so most of them said I looked a bit awkward in the suit even though I’ve always looked fabolous in it.

When I got home that day, two of my neighbors told me how abnormal they thought I looked in the suit.

The following day I decided to wear a normal shirt and tuck in. Again, most people I interacted with alluded to the fact that I looked ‘someway bi’ without the usual African print.

That evening I met an old friend who is not privy to my obsession with African clothing. He loved my shirt and wanted to get same.

The lesson here is if one does something consistently, that thing is deemed ‘normal’ within his environment.

There are people who argue that wearing African prints is not formal enough. I disagree with those assertions.

We’ve managed to normalize a lot of things which are originally not our own. This is depriving the local industry the patronage it needs to ensure survival and growth.

I’m happy that the love for Ghanaian fashion is growing. It’s very encouraging but a lot more needs to be done.

We need to patronize more made in Ghana products. We must wear and use our own stuff with pride. We must normalize our brands and re-orient ourselves.

We would not need the European proposing ‘outrageous’ EPAs if we prioritize made-in-Ghana products and support our local industries.

We should be the change we seek. We must be brand ambassadors for Ama GHANA.

It doesn’t take much to do this. Consciously deciding to spend on Ghanaian alternatives of the things you regularly buy would be a great start.

Imagine 1 million Ghanaians spending some 50 cedis a month on locally manufactured fashion products…just do the maths.

We have the solution to Ghana’s primary economic problems.

Let’s do this for #Ghana.

There’s this ethereal #vim that surrounds me when I step out in my #WearGhana, run around in my#Horseman shoes, relax in my couch made from recycled local materials and see my friends patronizing stuff from #msimps#aduamani,#neyomi#majel etc.

I’m encouraged when I see lots of young people doing one thing or the other for the love of #Ghana.

Folks, we have something to build on. The future started yesterday and we are already late.

It’s time we made #Ghana the priority.


God bless Ghana…and every other nation.


PS: Remember that sometimes it doesn’t matter what you wear. It’s being Ghanaian that looks good on you. And being Ghanaian should spur you on to doing things that would bring honor to Ghana.

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